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Rita Colantonio

Award Winning Artist Rita Colantonio has crafted a distinct aesthetic in this body of work. Painted people, vibrant walls, colourful table cloths, glowing windows are just some of the subjects to consider in this series. Canonized through careful framing, they demonstrate Colantonio's strong understanding of colour. Notes of orange, red, pink, yellow, green and blue bring these subjects to life.

Cape Cod, United States based Colantonio selects spaces containing both the human presence together with many of the places we occupy, café's, benches, windows. Colantonio loves wandering the streets, to just go out for a stroll, as the French would say, Flânerie and in doing so, through her work, she allows us to soak up the details and atmosphere that may otherwise pass us by. Many of the locations are from Venice and the romance of the city plays out in these interludes, so much so we can almost feel ourselves touching, what has gone before. Colantonio's images provide a personal take on forms and lines bringing to light exciting visuals, vigorous blends of geometry with the contemporary grace of a choreographed performance.



Rita Colantonio is represented exclusively by TheAppWhisperer Gallery

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