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Mare Nostrum Exhibition 2019

This exhibition is entitled ‘Mare Nostrum/Our sea’ and it is unique in many ways; for one, it is common to read "It is forbidden to touch the works” at other exhibitions but within our exhibition, we welcome you to touch all of the works. Each artwork that you view at our exhibition has been created on a mobile device only.

The smartphone is only twelve years old and so many people, throughout the world, now use them multiple times each the day. It has radically transformed the habits of many of us but also crucially, in this respect, a vast number of artists.

Using a smartphone for photography and art can be controversial, sometimes it is criticised by photographers and artists who use traditional methods to create. But today, more often than not, those same artists are also utilising the smartphone to create new art to share alongside their traditional practices.

The smartphone is the the most appreciated communication tool that exists in the modern world today. It has the ability to be used as a telephone, to listen, to write, to record, to calculate, to photograph, to exchange, to play, to geotag and now, more than ever before, it is being used by artists to create unique art.

Smartphones have broken down barriers and broadened boundaries. The art that is created with a smartphone can be transferred from wall, to altarpiece, to canvas, to the computer and is visible on a screen that is similar in size to the palm of a hand and yet, astonishingly can be stowed in the pocket of a jacket. 

The smartphone does have physical limits, not unlike any tool. It is important to learn how to maximise its potential to create magnificent art. Art that you would be honoured to present, pride of place in your home. There are technical aspects of mobile photography and art that are important to learn.  Subjects such as essential photography skills, including, controlling light, exposure, shutter speeds, focal lengths, aperture, depth of field, histograms, and then skills very attuned to the mobile device, the use of apps to revolutionise your images, without losing resolution. Creative techniques, editing skills for maximum dramatic effect, sharing your pictures within the device throughout social media channels and more.

Come and discover this unique art of the 21st century and take the opportunity to touch the works! We welcome you.

The mobile artistry works of twenty two talented Tumobart artist’s will be exhibited in the La Petite Galerie 35, rue de Seine Paris 75006, France between 28 October 2019 to 4 November 2019

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