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Glenn Homann

Award Winning Australian artist Glenn Homann's Fine Art Architectural Street Photography offers a new perspective and genre in photography. Raw textures, straight lines, bright colours: Homann has always been drawn towards those details that enclose the essence of the street, intersected with urban architecture. His work is heterogeneous, the buildings adapt to the space, both context and culture coexist, as a solidification of cultural experience.

There's resilience to Homann's photography, both in terms of the art that he creates and atmospheric scenes he portrays. Homann's utopias portray a society that's forward and bold and at the same time, he's part of a breed of photographers who are scrupulous, serious and respectful of urban history offering distinct visual dynamism to each composition. 

Responding to the visceral emotions evolved by the intentional, visual poetry surrounding him, in his native Australia, the images Homman creates are fantastically bright and colourful. Some almost surreal with the inclusion of human presence, as an object, offering a fascinating insight into how bizarre and yet how precise our manmade world looks, with man or without. 



Glenn Homann is represented exclusively by TheAppWhisperer Gallery


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