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Anca Balaj

Anca Balaj is one of the finest mobile art draughtsman of her generation. As a visual creative, specialising in mobile photography and art direction, her practice combines a natural interest in academic research and literature to create a unique and radical style of mobile painting in which the conceptual meets the visual. 

Balaj's art is created with an Apple iPad and is intended to be scaled up into larger works where her economic execution and whimsical expression reveal an intimate side to her practice. Her imagery is very direct, working empirically, 'inside an idea'. 

Her rigorous style of fine art emphasises a dynamic but balanced relationship between complementary colours such as blue, red, green and orange, completing each other. They are at their most intense when placed together. Balaj adjusts her colours to obtain the maximum intensity. 

Balaj is destined to be one of the decisive influences in mobile art and we are proud to represent her. 


Anca Balaj is represented exclusively by TheAppWhisperer Gallery 

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